Sales Pitching 101 (Not Only For Dummies) February 7, 2018 February 9, 2018 David Devine
How to Write a Sales Pitch a Beginner's Guide to Marketing

When it comes to sales and marketing matters, sales’ pitching is always a skill that marketers and salesman should learn and take advantage of. It is an asset that cannot be undervalued as it will produce effective results.

Every marketer should know how to pitch their ideas and do it well. It comes with good communication skill, confidence, and experience. In this article, we will give you three important tips on how to write a sales pitch. We will explain briefly what each of these means and how you can develop them along the way. So here is Sales Pitching 101.

 Sales Pitching 101 (Not Only For Dummies)

Jab, Jab, Hook

Every professional athlete knows the importance of basic steps during training. Before you head on to the advanced mode, you need to practice the basics and master them well. In boxing, professional boxers know that the most basic combo is the “Jab, Jab, Straight” or the “Jab, Jab, Hook.”

Once you take those left and right jabs, your enemy should be on the lookout for the last combo which is a “straight” or a “hook.”

What does this mean in the field of sales and marketing? When you write a sales pitch, always put into mind that this is similar to boxing. Give your clients those jabs but don’t forget to land a hook! Finding a perfect hook can mean crafting a subject line, a call-to-action, an introduction, or a package deal that is emphatic and imperative.

Without any doubt, your clients will take notice and listen to your sales pitching.

Solve Problems

When we were kids, math problems were always dreadful (except for those who were geeks). However, they were important for us at an early stage as it taught us to analyze and developed our critical thinking. Those skills apply in our day to day life and most especially in sales and marketing.

To be an effective marketer, you ought to know that selling a product is not the end of it all. What’s most important as a marketer is to know why you are selling the product and how convinced you are to it. That is solving the problem.

It is more than just memorizing your script, it is analyzing what your product is and how it can help others.

Facts Matter

We all know that nobody wants to be lied to. It gives every person a reason to question your integrity and worse, lose trust in you. You don’t want that to happen as a salesman. On the flip side, what you want is for your clients to trust not just on you but also on your products.

In order for this to happen, backup your sales pitching with facts. Facts are important to validate your product. If you can’t present detailed information, your customers will highly doubt your product. At the end of the day, numbers, data, and facts matter and that’s what people seek after.

 How to Write a Sales Pitch a Beginner's Guide to Marketing

Give It A Try

Now that you have been give a few tips on writing a sales pitch, why not give these basic steps a try. We’re not asking you to practice and master 20 things. Just start with these three steps and see what positive changes will happen. This is how you can begin.

  1. Write – Grab a pen and paper and start writing your sales pitch. Once you’ve crafted a few sentences ask yourself or somebody else if they are convinced with your pitch. Continue writing a draft until you’ve come up with the perfect one.
  2. Talk – Connect yourself with other professionals and ask them about effective sales pitching. Not only will this help you feed on them, but it will also develop your communication skills.
  3. Test – Last but not the last is to test out your sales pitching by trying it with your friend or colleague. It all boils down to experience. The more experienced you are, the more you will be better in sales pitching.

There you go. Those are the easy tips on how to write a sales pitch. Note that Sales Pitching 101 isn’t just for dummies. It’s for everyone that needs to master the basics to become a better marketer. Follow us officially at palestrante de vendas today!