I think it would be safe to assume that you are reading this article because of one of three reasons; one, you have diabetes, two, someone close to you has it and you want to help them, and three, you just want to know if you are experiencing symptoms of this disease.

Diabetes simply is a dysfunction in the body due to the very high levels of blood sugar maintained for a long period of time. They, in turn, cause the pancreas to malfunction or make the body not react accurately to the insulin provided.

a dangerous complication of diabetes

Diabetic Neuropathy

Diabetic neuropathy is a result of a dangerous complication of diabetes. It is a kind of nerve injury that can happen if you have diabetes. Unusually high levels of blood sugar can cause the nerves to compensate and eventually destroy itself all throughout your physiology. Diabetic neuropathy regularly attacks the nerves of the legs and feet as well as some other extremities.

Diabetic neuropathy strikes all external nerves most especially the sensory systems, the motor or movement skills, and sometimes even hits the primary nervous system when not discovered immediately. That being said, this simply means that this illness will involve all organs and systems, sooner or later. And

Signs and Symptoms

This varies for every individual but the biggest factor would be to know what nerves are affected. Just quickly, the four main types of diabetic neuropathy are peripheral (extremities), autonomic (organs like heart, lungs, stomach), radiculoplexus (hips, thighs, buttocks or legs), and mononeuropathy which suggests injury to a particular nerve (more common with older adults). Unfortunately, these develop slowly and as time goes on and you might not notice them in the beginning.

These symptoms may come separately but they may also be a combination of any of the four, making it harder for the individual. For some physiques, certain signs are moderate; but for others that are not so lucky, diabetic neuropathy can be excruciating, disabling and admittedly deadly for some.


Unfortunately, there is no permanent cure for neuropathy, and likewise for diabetic neuropathy. However, there can be a way to live with it without letting it control or destroy your life.

Even though there is no scientific solution to diabetes (and by extension, diabetic neuropathy), you can slow its “progress” through a very strict lifestyle change. Here are some tips to take note:
– Try to keep a healthy body weight and maintain your daily stress to a minimum.
– Very reasonable amount of nuts, legumes, seafood, and poultry.
– Eat lots of fruits and vegetables, minimize fat intake and eat whole grains.
– Exercise. Exercise some more.

Diabetes and diabetic neuropathy treatments

Coping Methods

The best way we can cope is to not let this disease put us down. Diabetes and diabetic neuropathy treatments do exist. And though technically, they cannot remove the sickness from your body, you can train your mind and body to tell this ailment to go into “remission.”

Find a wellness center or a health clinic near you to know more specific coping methods or visit the NeuropathyHelp.co official website. Make sure they have specialists and physicians who have had extensive experience and follow their suggestions. You can still live your life if you put your mind to it.